Tiago Silva

Where can we find you? 

People can know me from their retreat at Quinta da Calma. Now I lead my first retreat in the Netherlands, Landgoed de Wilmersberg, on behalf of Puurenkuur.

Who is Tiago?

"I am a born seeker who seeks in and around us truth, love, happiness and consciousness, as I walk in the great mystery of life, wanting to smile and embrace every step of the way, in connection with the union that We all are. Helping makes me happy. " Licensed in Occupational Therapy, within the technologies of health considered the Holistic Therapy, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and meditation facilitator, has come since it was formed to work with people with the most varied health problems and functional and occupational difficulties, since the early years of life to the elderly. Specialized in the approaches in Sensory Integration, Visual Impairment, Hand Rehabilitation, Neurological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, he combines all his experience working in a hospital and private context with adults and children, to his personal experience and work with himself. He has already done a lot of personal development work, combining the wisdom of several Masters in his life, from the ancient philosophy of Yoga, Buddhism and meditation, spirituality and healing, to shamanism and more contemporary practices of coaching and healing. Creator of the Co-Nectar Community Organization, which promotes personal development, healing and awareness, facilitator of various workshops, on meditation, spirituality, self-healing and others.

His retreats:

The traditional integral yoga class has the basis, with a more healing approach, including some breathing techniques and energetic healing. Learning how to feel the body and how energy flows within, so we can perceive it better in the day to day life, respecting the body language, our needs, learn how to adapt and create the change that we need.

What benefits could guests expect:

  • Feeling more connected with their body’s; 
  • Learn deep, and simple relaxation techniques for using in everyday; 
  • Learning how to listen to body language and body feelings, in the direction of health and wellbeing; 
  • How to use meditation has a powerful self-development tool in the day to day routine; 
  • Stress Reduction; 
  • Emotional Health; 
  • Enhance of Self-awareness; 
  • An overall strong feeling of well-being. 

Tiago is available for single sessions too.