A wonderfully relaxing wellness break: Lefay Resort & Spa

May 1, 2018

Relaxing here is easy

Of course, my rental car is a Fiat 500. The lively, red Italian elegantly manoeuvres across the winding roads to the Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda. Each bend reveals another dazzling view of Lake Garda. I’m here for three days to test and check everything on behalf of Puurenkuur wellness holidays – what a great job I have!

Wellness-holiday royalty

The drive is regally long. Despite the size of my car, I already feel like wellness-holiday royalty. After a smooth check-in, I sit on my balcony with a cold drink in hand, admiring the green views of the mountains and the lake. My deluxe junior suite is no run-of-the-mill hotel room, but is bursting with personality. Tired from the journey, I start with the bed check. Big? Check. Sturdy mattress? Check. Fallen asleep? Check. I awake with a rumbling tummy. Shall I opt for the light spa menu or go for the regular menu? My noisy stomach makes a clear plea for the latter. I enjoy an appetising and delicious-tasting Mediterranean dish. The after-dinner slump that follows is persistent and hard to fight. Best check that mattress again, just to be sure. And so, back to bed.

The art of relaxation

Guys, it’s so beautiful here… that view! Words can’t do it justice. The infinity pool is designed in such a way that, when you’re swimming, it’s as though you could swim in the lake itself. The atmosphere and lighting make the sauna a really lovely spot. I leave the ladies-only sauna completely relaxed. Beside it, there is also a relaxation area beautifully decorated in an Arabian style. But I make my way, swaying from wall to wall, to the modern relaxation area. As I lie on a heated waterbed, I listen to the water flowing. I almost daren’t say it, but I fall asleep. Again. Could the prosecco breakfast be to blame? Or is this just a resort that has elevated relaxation to an art form? Probably both.


I follow a private gym session with a dip in the saltwater pool. It’s a kind of float, but in an open space. In a large domed cave, I spend a half hour floating weightlessly in the glimmer of a large artificial moon. What a highlight. So relaxing. And my skin feels incredibly soft. Highly recommended!

Pressing the right buttons

Have you ever been enjoying a warm Jacuzzi until suddenly, the bubbles stop? You search for the ‘Start’ button, only to find that it’s outside the Jacuzzi. Luxury problems, I know. But at Lefay, the Jacuzzi detects you in it and carries on bubbling, uninterrupted. And whilst we’re on the topic of buttons, there’s a great lazy button in the rooms with which you can open or close the curtains from your bed.

Ridiculously yummy chocolate

I’ve just enjoyed a lovely pasta dish and a fine glass of wine at the second restaurant. The standard of cooking is also high at this second restaurant. It isn’t sensible of me. But the chocolate cake is calling my name. I’m heading to the village tomorrow. I’ll walk the cake off then…

Picturesque Italian village

Besides sounding as though you’re choking when you pronounce it, Gargnano is an incredibly lovely village. Proper Italian with coloured houses, a harbour and of course, a local market where you can buy delicious olive oil. Beautifully situated between the rolling green mountains by Lake Garda. Tip: Leave some space in your suitcase for local olive oil and balsamic.

Personal wellness should never overlook environmental wellness

Before my departure, I take a stroll through the gardens. I perch down for a moment between the high trees. It strikes me how well the hotel fits in with the environment. Lefay’s motto is: Personal wellness should never overlook environmental wellness. The resort uses green energy sources, natural building materials and operates with respect for nature and the local residents. I like that: that somewhere you visit to regain balance is balanced in and of itself.  

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