Five reasons to holiday alone

August 15, 2018

The term 'singles holiday' used to carry some stigma. Nowadays, however, it’s trendy. Like online dating. But singles holidays needn’t be limited to singletons; those with a partner can also benefit a great deal from the occasional trip alone. Here are five reasons why:

1) No compromise

The only person you need to consider is YOU. If excursions don’t float your boat, simply give them a miss. If you happen to feel like getting up early to visit that special city, do a spot of shopping and finish with a pampering at the wellness centre, well, why not? With no one to contest you, there’s no negotiating required. Simply do whatever takes your fancy, on a whim – glorious!

2) Find yourself again

When you’re alone, in the absence of the chatter of others, you get chance to talk to yourself. Which leads to conversations of a whole other level; from remembering who you really are and what’s important to you, to arriving at the essence of what you want from life. Are you leading the life you truly want to lead? Or is it time to get to know yourself better? When we take the time to reflect on where we currently find ourselves and where we want to get to, we can take concrete steps in the right direction.

3) True relaxation and awareness

Doing everything at your own pace allows you to relax. Silences are not filled with talking, making you far more conscious of your surroundings: you feel the wind in your hair, spot a butterfly on a tree, notice the sounds of the nature around you. Pure relaxation and living in the moment. A gift for body and soul.

4) Open to new ideas and people

When you travel alone, you’re more open to others. Often, when we live with our significant others in our little cocoons, we tend not to pay too much attention to others around us. Community tables for solo travellers unite a colourful blend of interesting people, each with their own story to tell. Be open, get acquainted with someone whose life is worlds apart from yours, and make friends with people across the globe. Surprises (without negative consequences) trigger the production of dopamine in the brain, giving us that happy feeling. All those new ideas and people aren’t just inspiring; they actually make you feel good.

5) Confidence boost

Travelling expands horizons. It takes you out of your routine, teaching you new experiences and cultures. As a result, it isn’t only your knowledge that expands, but your skill sets, too. Solo travellers rely on themselves: communicating in another language, finding your own way, making your own plans and decisions. Once any fears you once had are quashed, you’ll feel your confidence soar. And should that solo trip turn out to be the trip of a lifetime, there may be other things in life that you never thought possible… just saying.

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